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Why VidDay?

At VidDay, we help you create the most meaningful and beautiful videos to share as surprise gifts. VidDay video gifts bring genuine happiness into the world — making people feel loved and appreciated.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose VidDay.

Easy to Use

VidDay is the easiest way to make a video gift. You can make one alone or invite friends and family to join the fun by submitting videos and photos.

Watch this short video to take a quick tour:

Video themes: Choose from our many video themes to create a professional-looking video.

Background music: Browse our music library to choose a subtly background song to set the perfect tone.

Simple editing tools: You can edit as little or as much as you want with simple ways to arrange, crop, adjust, you name it. Learn More

Crowdsource media: Easily invite friends and family to submit video messages and photos by sharing a link to a submission page. Learn More

Smart invites: Make inviting even quicker by accessing your email contacts and sending your invite to participate to everyone with a click of the button.

Invite list: Keep track of participation with a list of invitees made up of people invited through Smart Invites and others who RSVP to let you know they plan to participate.

Auto-reminders: Your invite list will get friendly email reminders to submit so they won't forget.

Free previews: Get a sneak peek of your video gift by generating previews.

Gift cards: You can set up a collection pot to collect money that the recipient claims as an eGift Card, prepaid Visa, or charitable donation of their choice. Learn More

Gift wrap effect: Your finalized video gets wrapped up in a beautiful gift wrap effect. There's something for everyone with many wrapping paper options.

Gift page: You can share a private link with the recipient only for them to watch their video gift, post a thank you video, claim their gift card (if available, and share their video with others.

World-Class Customer Service

🛎️ Live Chat

Look for the chat button in the bottom right corner to talk with a Customer Care Specialist — available 7 AM to 12 AM CST, seven days a week.

📧 Email

Send us a message at [email protected] and we will answer you as soon as possible.

Quality Check

With the click of a button, VidDay turns your media into a beautiful video. But before you do that, you'll want to review your media to make sure they look their best.

For $9 USD, VidDay does it for you — select the Quality Check at checkout, and a video expert at VidDay will: 

  • Trim video clips with awkward beginnings and endings
  • Crop photos with blank areas
  • Toggle off background music for video clips that already have music
  • Increase feature time for pictures with text
  • Exclude undesirable media from the background scenes (only for Collage themes)

If any specific edits are required, you just have to let us know.


VidDay donates a portion of profits to reforestation, with over 100,000 trees already planted worldwide. It's our way of making a positive impact on the world.

Free Get Well Videos

Giving a supportive video made by friends and family provides hope and strength in what can otherwise be a discouraging time. Everyone should have access to such an impactful resource for free.

If you need further assistance, please contact a Customer Care Specialist using our live chat in the bottom right corner.
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