How do I send an invite?

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Inviting friends, family, and colleagues to submit videos and photos is what makes a VidDay video gift so meaningful.

And when it comes to inviting others, VidDay has a few handy features you can use:

  • Your Invite Link
  • Submission Page
  • RSVP
  • Smart Invites
  • Invite List
  • Broadcast

To get started, go to your Event Page > Invitation to see your invite options.

Now, let's dive in and learn about these features.


Your Invite Link

It's all about sharing your unique invite link, which brings people to a submission page where they can record and upload their videos and photos.

Your invite link is the same link as your Event Page and will look similar to this:


Everyone sees the private submission page when visiting the link, but only you (the video creator) will see your Event Page when logged in to your VidDay account.


Share your invite link by text message, email, or with your favorite messaging apps like WhatsApp and Messenger.

But before you invite people, scroll down the page to customize your submission page.


Submission Page

The link you share with people will bring them to a private submission page, where they will see:

  • Recipient photo (optional)
  • Recipient name
  • Invite message
  • Submission deadline
  • Record or Upload button
  • RSVP button

Go to your Event Page > Invitation and scroll down to edit the information above and preview your submission page.

Participants can not see other submissions and can only use this page to upload their videos and photos.



People who aren't ready to submit a video message can RSVP from the submission page. This way, you'll know who plans on participating.

People who RSVP get added to your invite list.

They will also receive friendly email reminders leading up to the submission deadline so that they don't forget.


Smart Invites

Smart Invites is a way to quickly invite groups of people by email.

Go to Event Page > Invitation > Smart Invites to see your options to:

  • Access your Google contacts
  • Upload a spreadsheet of emails
  • Add individual emails

Those who get invited through Smart Invites are instantly added to your invite list and receive an email invitation.



Invite List

Your invite list is a way to keep tabs on participation.

Your invite list includes:

  • People who RSVP
  • People you invite through Smart Invites

From your list, you can see who has submitted, and people who have yet to submit will receive auto-reminders leading up to your submission deadline.



Broadcast is a way to send a message to your invite list, which is particularly handy if you have an announcement or update to communicate.


If you need further assistance, please contact a Customer Care Specialist using our live chat in the bottom right corner.
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