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What should I know before finalizing?


Ensure that the video clips and photos are in your order of preference. Arrange media in sequence, starting from top-left to bottom-right. That will be the order of appearance in the final video.


Check all the video clips to make sure they have audio. If there are video clips without audio, please reach out to the contributor and ask them to resubmit their clip or proceed as is.

Photo Cropping

We suggest using our Photo Editor to edit photos as they will appear in the final video as they appear on the Event Page.


Wait until everyone has submitted. You will have to reopen the Event Page to add or edit media while your video is finalizing or published. You will lose access to the video by reopening the event until the video is republished.


Seeing how it all comes together prior to paying can help give you confidence and catch any last minute corrections. When you've gone through all of the above, make a preview of your video prior to finalizing! Click on Finalize to so do.


If you choose to republish, there will be a 30% republishing fee. 

If you need further assistance, please contact a Customer Care Specialist using our live chat, found in the bottom right corner of the VidDay app or website.