How to share the event invite link?

2 min. readlast update: 02.02.2024

There are many ways to share the invite link. One of the ways that you can share your event is by copying the event link that appears in the address bar of your browser:



Sharing the event link on a desktop



Smart Invites: When you click on the Smart Invites option, you will be able to invite contributors by importing from google, uploading a CSV file or adding emails individually. When selecting the Smart Invites option, the invites will be sent by VidDay on your behalf. You will then see a list of the emails invited appear on that page.



WhatsApp: When you click on the button, WhatsApp's application Will open automatically for sharing.

Email/Gmail: By clicking on the eMail button, it will open your default email client or by clicking Gmail it'll open a message using your gmail account. 

Copy Link: Clicking on the I copy the link button, it will be added to your clipboard.

Copy Message: Copies the entire message in the field above.

Twitter/VK/IN: Share the link on the respective platforms.


Sharing the event link on mobile

You'll see that there are a couple more options. 



Text Message: Will open the custom invite message in a text message; from where you add contacts.

Messenger: Will open the custom invite message in Facebook messenger.

All the rest are similar or the same as the desktop. 

If you need further assistance, please contact a Customer Care Specialist using our live chat, found in the bottom right corner of the VidDay app or website.

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