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Can I preview my video?

Taking the time to get it just right is very important for that perfect video

Our latest preview feature will allow you to review a lower-quality version of your video before paying. This will enable you to make any adjustments that you see fit for a perfect video! 

Keep in mind that creating a preview is not necessary and any media added to the Media Gallery will be included in the final video regardless of whether a preview was generated or not. 

Creating a preview

To create a preview of your current media gallery start by clicking on the Preview button. Note, a minimum of 30 seconds of media is required, otherwise the preview button wont be available on the next page.


From that page, you'll notice a large Make a Preview button, click on it to start your preview. Small changes wont make a big difference so we recommend holding off until you have most media before you preview.


Previews typically take 5-30 minutes to finalize and we'll email you the minute it's ready! The media gallery page remains active so you can continue to edit/make changes and contributors can continue to submit media. You won't be able to delete any media while a preview renders. 

Once you're satisfied you can go ahead and finalize your video. Any changes made to the media gallery will be reflected in your final video. 

We want to hear your feedback, so please let us know what you think via chat or email us at support@vidday.com.