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How can I share the video publicly?

Sharing the video publicly is really easy!

Toggle to Public

To share the final video with contributors and others, set the privacy as Public. By making the video Public, everyone who has the Event Page link will be able to watch it. 

The Event Page link is the link that was sent to Contributors to upload their media. Your video can only be directly accessed using the Event Page link. 

Don't worry, there is no way for your video to be found via search engines or social media. 

Share the Link

To make things easier, you can use the share buttons to send the link quickly. You Can send the link through email, text message, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and more. 

If you share on Facebook, tag the contributors who helped you make the video. 

If you need further assistance please contact a Customer Care Specialist using our live chat, found in the bottom right corner of the VidDay app or website.